Baked rice with duck

Arroz al horno con pato (8 personas)

Receta de más de 200 años, originaria de la Ribera Alta del río Júcar en Valencia, recuperada en 1980 por el Maestro Paellero Juan Carlos GALBIS (1ª Estrella Michelín de Valencia).

1. Ingredients

  • 1 whole duck, minimum of 2 kg weight.
  • 4 “blanquets” or pork meat sausages.
  • 200 g of fresh bacon in 8 thick pieces.
  • 350 g of dried chickpea to soak.
  • 25 g of pine nuts.
  • 2 g of ground cinnamon.
  • 100 g of grated tomato.
  • Half a tablespoon of sweet red paprika.
  • 80 strands of infused saffron.
  • 800 g of Albufera variety rice purchased at Consum, from Arroz Tartana.
  • Salt.


2. Elaboration

We put in a pressure cooker for about 30 min: the duck, the chickpeas and the bacon, with 4 l of water and a little salt. Next, in a pan, we put the olive oil and and we tun up the heat, we add and fry the tomato and then we pour it all into the pot, along with the saffron. The sausages are cut into halves. When the duck has gotten softer, we remove it from the pot; the same is done with the bacon. We putthe rice, the salt, some cinnamon and the pine nuts into the put that is going into the oven. The duck is placed in the center of the pot and the rest of the ingredients are distributed around it. The oven is heated for 10 min: if it is convection, at 170º and 50% humidity, and if it is static, at 250º. We will add 2 parts of hot broth of 1 of Albufera variety rice. We putt he pot into the oven for for 30 min.

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