Marsh Rice with chicken, rabbit and wild duck from “Tancat de l’Estell de la Albufera”

Marsh Rice with chicken, rabbit and wild duck from “Tancat de l’Estell de la Albufera”, for 4 people

1. Ingredients (4 people)

  • 60 cm diameter paella.
  • 12 cl of olive oil.
  • 8 small pieces of chicken.
  • 4 pieces of chopped rabbit.
  • 4 small pieces of wild duck.
  • 300 g of green beans in pod.
  • 400 g of large white bean in pod.
  • 4 artichokes.
  • 2 cloves of minced dried garlic.
  • 1 tablespoon of sweet paprika.
  • 2 very ripe medium tomatoes to grate.
  • 3.6 l of previously prepared broth, cooking the wild duck carcasses.
  • 32 infused ground saffron threads.
  • 400 gr of rice variety Albufera of Tartana Rice bought in Consum supermarket.

2. Elaboration

We put the Paella is put on the stove, we put some oil to it, and we lit the fire. The duck breasts are fried in tataki, removed and filleted. We put the rest of the meat to fry, salted beforehand. When they aregolden brown, fry the artichoke. Later, we add: garlic, sweet paprika and grated tomato. We add the water is put. At 5 min. Add the green beans and 10 min later the white beans, and boil for approx 15-20 min. Meanwhile, the infused saffron is incorporated and some salt is added. The Albufera rice variety of Tartana Rice is added and it distributed. The rice has to boil over high heat for 9-10 min, plus 7-8 min over low heat and finish over high heat for 2-3 min to make the “socarrat”. 5 minutes before finishing cooking, add the filleted duck breasts in tataki to the paella. Let it cool off for 5 min.

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